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Boring, not boring

I’ve been doing the same basic sequence for a couple of weeks now.  It’s the one I wrote about before, a combination of the Iyengar sciatica sequence with Sam Dworkis’s Recovery Yoga added in.  It’s good, and I’m happy to be doing it, and I’m not bored.  It just seems boring to write about it again.

I do wonder about the Bikram yoga, where it’s the same sequence forever, no matter how you feel or what you did last time.

A couple of mornings this week I only had time for a teeny bit before my walk, so I did standing poses.  Not boring!  I am always amazed that these poses that I learned in my first intro class can continue to be interesting and challenging.

1 thought on “Boring, not boring”

  1. As I mentioned yesterday, I did the Anxiety sequence from The Holistic Path nearly every day for three weeks, and then stopped. I did the Bikram’s sequence a few times and got raging sciatica that took me weeks of recovery. And, (I’m sure I’ve mentioned this) I did the Ashtanga primary sequence, which is really quite good, over and over and over with a David Swenson audio tape until the tape broke; I got a new tape, got on my mat, started to play it, and practically gagged at the thought of doing it ever again! Years passed. Then I started doing the primary series with Todd, and all was well. I still don’t do it by myself, though, and it is just hard on/for my personality to do the same thing over and over. I very rarely reread books, and I categorically refused to read each child the same book more than twice.

    I have read, however, that it’s a very interesting practice to do the same sequence every day for a long period of time, because of what you learn about yourself and about the individual poses. I did learn some things doing the anxiety sequence repeatedly, which I’ll share with you next time we practice.

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