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Breathing and moving

One of the great things about Sam Dworkis’s Recovery Yoga is the breathing instruction on connecting breath to movement.  For example, lying down, completely supported and having relaxed into the position, you inhale and raise your arm at the same time.  You make the raising of your arm correspond exactly to the inhalation, so that the inhalation is complete when your arm is fully raised.  Then you exhale your arm down in the same way.

When I started this, my shoulders didn’t like that arm raise, so I began with raising just my forearm.  I also experimented with opening and closing my fingers with my breath.

I’m trying to think of the words to explain why I like this so much.  It’s very peaceful.  It makes me aware of the power of my breath.  It smooths out my movement.  Much more that I can’t quite articulate.  Try it.  And read Sam’s books and look at his extremely informative website.

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