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Go upside down!

I recently saw a graphic of a physical therapy technique called postural drainage that could be used on COVID-19 patients. It apparently used to be used often before ventilators became widely used. I don't have enough information to recommend it or not. BUT! It's all inversions! Most people think of headstand and shoulderstand as the… Continue reading Go upside down!

mulling things over

Late again! What is the deal?

It doesn't matter how much time I allow for yoga early in the morning, it's never quite enough. I guess that's not a bad thing, but the bad thing is that I finish up peacefully on the mat, hands in namaste, greeting the day, put my mat away, and then race upstairs takeashowergetdressedgetthepapereatbreakfasttearoutofthehouse! Not so… Continue reading Late again! What is the deal?