excuses, excuses

I see it’s been two weeks since my last post.  It hasn’t been that long since my last practice, but close.  Out-of-town company, travel, laziness, soreness, between sessions at the Yoga Center.  No good reasons, so let’s just see how I do tomorrow.  I have a couple of topics to write about, but I’m not going to allow myself to do so until I get on that mat!

mulling things over

Practice delusions

I was looking at my list of post titles, and misread “Practice decisions” as “Practice delusions.” That’s a pretty good idea for a post too.

For example, I think I’m practicing every day, but some weeks I miss a couple of days. Or maybe I think my hips are open and my head is in line with my body in Trikonasana, and then I do it against the wall and discover otherwise. I’m sure I have plenty more.

Is it a practice delusion when I talk to myself about how stiff I am and how poor my practice is? Maybe.