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Not a real practice

Today I didn’t get on the mat.  Stuff kept happening.  A more disciplined person might have brushed the stuff aside.  However, I did do quite a bit of interstitial yoga.

At writing group, while we did our obligatory blabbing, I did Trikonasana (triangle), Parsvottanasana (Intense side stretch), and Virabhadrasana II (warrior).  Ditto for hanging around on the porch with friends.  I took a rest for a while in the afternoon but first did Supta Padangusthasana (reclining hand to foot pose) on the bed.  While I was listening to a training program on the computer I did Chaturanga Dandasana (four-limbed staff pose, aka the yoga pushup) against the countertop.

So I’m not satisfied with this, but it beats doing nothing, so that’s good.

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