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Interstitial happiness, interstitial yoga

OK, this is a roundabout explanation. Interstitial happiness. You may be deeply unhappy, but every now and then you can insert a nanosecond of happiness into the interstices between your unhappinesses. I can’t remember if I came up with the phrase or if it came from somebody else, but I like it.

So now that I have been back on track with my home practice, I’m experiencing one of its unexpected benefits. I think about it more, and ways to practice pop into my mind more readily. It might be that I’ll be washing the dishes and I’ll notice that my shoulder blades are up around my ears, so I just roll them down. It might be that I’m watching TV, sitting on the floor, and I move into my hardest pose, upavistha konasana. Breathing at dinner instead of bolting down my food in a race with my husband. Picking something off the floor by dropping into malasana.

It’s interstitial yoga, inserting yoga into daily life.

This is giving me interstitial (and more) happiness.

2 thoughts on “Interstitial happiness, interstitial yoga”

  1. the exact phrase “a nanosecond of happiness” crossed my mind today.. then it crossed my mind to google it, to see if it was original or someone else thought about it before me.. and this webpage came out in the results.. made me smirk, haha! 🙂

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