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Good day

I almost didn’t make it onto the mat today.  I got up with all good intentions, and put on my yoga clothes right away.  Then I ate breakfast.  Then I picked beets, peas, beans, and lettuce out of the garden.  Then I washed all the veg.  Then I talked on the phone to two out of three sisters.  Then I sent a couple of emails.  Whoa!  It’s after 11:00!

I pushed myself down the stairs.  Then I played a game on my phone (which I use as a timer for yoga).

THEN I got on the mat.  I did pretty much the same sciatica sequence that I’ve been doing this week.  Parts of it aren’t doable because of the state of my shoulders and hands, but most of the poses are just right.  I practiced for two hours.

I’m so glad I really did it.

P.S.  Before I got Lyme disease and its arthritis, I had worked my way into allllllmost sitting on the floor in Virasana (Hero pose, where you kneel with your knees together and your feet on either side of your hips).  All I needed was one folded blanket.  After the onset of the arthritis, I needed six folded blankets, and it didn’t feel good.  I’ve now improved enough to remove three blankets.  Yay!

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