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Pranayama Book Club undaunted

I didn’t think I’d be disappointed if nobody came to PBC last Sunday, but I was.  It’s so helpful to have someone else to work with when you’re trying to be disciplined. However, Jill will be there next time, and maybe Judy, and maybe some others, and so I am not discouraged.

If you were thinking of coming, please do.  I think this group will remain open forever, and anyone who wants to show up at any time is welcome.  No need to feel oppressed by commitment.  And if you can’t make it but want to follow along in the book, please do that too.  I plan to keep notes in this blog.

So I sat at Mirth, drank coffee and ate a muffin and reviewed the first couple of chapters of The Breathing Book (Donna Farhi). It’s been ages since I first read this book, and I never did all the exercises in it.  (The author calls them inquiries, and I will too, henceforth.)

What I’d like to do, and hope others will do too, is do the inquiries up to p. 24.  The one that begins on p. 24 says it takes 15 minutes, but it looks longer to me.  I want to take this project slowly and thoughtfully, and not bite off more than I will chew.

Next meeting will be at 8:45, Sunday, January 30, at Mirth (8th & New Hampshire).

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