mulling things over

Workout resolutions

A friend of mine was talking today about how she was beating herself up for not working out as regularly as she had intended.  But then she said that it had been pointed out to her that humans for most of the life of humankind have never really worked out deliberately.  We’re hunter-gatherers, fundamentally, so we reached and stretched and ran and lifted as a matter of our survival.  And we appreciated opportunities to sit around and store up fat for lean times.

This perspective puts our wishes to establish a practice in a new light.  Establishing a practice is HARD and not necessarily natural.

I just have to think about this for a while, because on the one hand it could suggest that I don’t need to establish a practice.  On the other hand, we aren’t hunter-gatherers any more.  Establishing a practice is still hugely beneficial. And I love yoga.  I just need to be nice to myself about it.

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