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My friend Jill noted that I’ve had this blog going for three years. And yeah, that’s great except that I haven’t posted anything in 6 months.

So let’s see. Many things have happened. I taught a home practice class, and then taught Practice for Study and restorative. I haven’t had many students, but at this point that’s OK with me.

I took Restorative Teacher Training in October from Judith Lasater. It was really great, and I look forward to taking the advanced training. I did the certification project and should hear back within the next month if I am certified.

For the project we were instructed to write up three case studies of restorative yoga teaching. We were to give a private lesson to three different people, and teach them three of the poses we’d learned in the training, taking photographs as we did the lesson. I wound up teaching seven people for purposes of the case studies. At first I thought I had to have perfect photographs, but then I realized my teacher would probably prefer to see that I had learned something rather than that I could take good pics.

The repetition was a good way to drill the principles of restorative yoga into my brain. In one of the cases, I used only the props we cobbled together in my student’s house, because I wanted there to be as few barriers as possible to her starting a daily practice. She has a much more debilitating case of Lyme disease than mine, and I think the rest to her nervous system provided by a restorative practice will be hugely beneficial.

This brings me to a thorny problem, one I’ve addressed before and one I’m still not sure how to solve. How in the world do we get people to establish a practice? I have plenty more to say about it, but I’m going to wait till my next post.

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