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I’m still here

Gosh, it’s been ages since I posted  here.  I HAVE been practicing, some days more than others, but pretty much every day. In our Friday yoga we’ve been doing practice for study with various poses.  Jill and I have done elbow work – would you ever have thought you could focus on something so specific? – from Donald Moyer’s Yoga: Awakening the Inner Body, an amazingly detailed book.  Now I think about my elbows in many poses.

I taught a home practice class in the spring with an excellent group of enthusiastic people.  It’s weird to have a class about not being in class, so to speak.  I think people who are just starting a practice need help with sequences, and then the big thing we all struggle with is motivating ourselves to get onto the mat.  That was a lot of what we addressed in class.

I also have been very good about my pranayama practice.  Sometimes I spend half an  hour, and sometimes only ten minutes.  If I don’t practice every day, I sort of forget  how to do it, or what to do, much more than with my asana practice.  So I shoot for a daily practice, early in the morning before life gets in the way.

So even though I haven’t been posting, I’m doing brain and body yoga. Perhaps this boring post will get me back into THIS habit.

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  1. Hi! I ran across your blog awhile back and recently dropped back by to read more. I’m a 30-something Iyengar yogi working on certification and struggling with keeping the home practice going (some days I wonder ‘Who isn’t?’) Anyway–I just wanted to say that I very much enjoy what you write and find it inspirational and authentic. It’s such a nice change to see a yoga blog out here that is down to earth and just about the day to day ‘stuff’ of yoga as lived by a real person. Thank you for sharing your journey and insights. Namaste.

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