Pranayama book club

Ummmmm, ok, I’m taking the plunge.  I’ve been thinking lately about starting a pranayama book club.  If I put this up here, that means I’m doing it.  (Not that I don’t already have plenty to do.)

I own four pranayama books and have read 2 1/2 of them.  I have a pranayama practice that I’ve started and stopped and started several times. I’d like to get more reading done and get more inspiration for my pranayama practice.  (That pun was unintentional.)

Here’s the plan, tentatively.  We meet at Mirth at 8:45 on alternate Sunday mornings.  We read one of the books, slowly, doing the exercises or suggestions or practices specified in the book. We just get together to talk about our progress, not to do pranayama together.

The timing of the group would mean that people who like to go to the 10:00 class at the Yoga Center could do so.  Also, maybe in the spring I would teach a pranayama class on the opposite weeks.

Any takers?  I’m going to start on Jan 16. If nobody shows up I’ll just read and drink my coffee and go home.

The books are:

  • The Yoga of Breath, by Richard Rosen
  • Light on Pranayama, by B. K. S. Iyengar
  • The Breathing Book, by Donna Farhi
  • Pranayama Beyond the Fundamentals: An In-Depth Guide to Yogic Breathing, by Richard Rosen

I haven’t decided which one to start with, so I’m taking suggestions.  Leave a comment or send me a message.

Update: Jill and I decided on The Breathing Book, by Donna Farhi.

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