The book for Pranayama Book Club

We’re going to read The Breathing Book, by Donna Farhi. The Lawrence Public Library has one copy. I’ve read this book a couple of times, but not for a long time, and not since I got more serious about pranayama.

I will try to document how this goes for anyone who is interested but can’t make it.

Also, I’m trying to think of a more interesting name.  Breath Club?  Suggestions welcome.

Wondering what this is about? Look two posts back.

8:45 am, Jan. 16, Mirth Cafe at 8th & New Hampshire. I’ll be there.  You?

3 thoughts on “The book for Pranayama Book Club”

  1. How about Breathing Room, or The Breathing Room? This looks like such a cool idea; I’d join you if I lived in Kansas!

  2. I like Breathing Room, but it seems perhaps too locational.

    You can probably follow along with us, and that would give me the incentive to write up what we do.

  3. Read & Breathe? Breathe & Read? I like the book club aspect in the name since that is one of the main components of the gathering.

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