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Yoga wildlife drama

This morning the cat joined me on the mat.  I practice in front of big windows and a sliding door, so after I’d settled myself to chant the invocation he asked to go out.  I got up and opened the door for him.  I left it open a few inches so he could come back in without my help.

I finished the invocation and opened my eyes to a soft thwack.  It was one of those giant moths, possibly a white-lined sphinx, that had flown in through the door.  I leaped up and spent 5 minutes or so trying to guide it back out with a Fine Woodworking magazine.  Finally, it left. 

I closed the door and began standing poses.  But alas, the cat was crying piteously, so I had to let him in.

The rest of the practice went along very nicely.  I worked my way down from standing to kneeling to seated to prone, finishing with Savasana at just the same time my husband got up and started clattering around the kitchen above me.  

The next sound was dog toenails on the stairs.  I had to open my eyes when Buster placed his front paws next to me on the mat.  First he did Down Dog, then Up Dog, with some face-licking in between.  Then he put his paws on my chest and poked at me with his head.  

That was the end of my practice this morning.

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