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Getting motivated, plus email

In class yesterday we talked about home practice, and how hard it is to make yourself do it.  It is hard, and it’s good if we help each other.  Kim touted my blog, thank you, Kim!

A couple of people asked if there was any kind of email reminder that would make them do yoga.  I couldn’t think of exactly that, but it motivated me to add an email subscription link (see it there?  over at the top right?) for people who don’t use a blog reader.

(And why don’t you use a reader?  It’s so handy.  Criminy!  I’ve put the instructions right up in the tab at the top called “How to read blogs”.  Come onnnn!  Be brave!  Just try it!)

Jim talked about the benefits he gets from home practice – moving better the whole rest of the day, feeling good even when you’re old and creaky.  I agree.

I started this blog when I signed up for WoYoPracMo.  That’s World Yoga Practice Month, which was last January.  In WoYoPracMo, you commit to practicing yoga every day for a month.  There’s no penalty for not doing it, and nobody will know if you don’t, but it’s an excellent internal motivator.

Now WoYoPracMo is every month, which for me removes some urgency.  I’d rather know there’s an end point, and then keep going on my own, I guess.

I wonder if we should have a local YoPracMo.  KanYoPracMo?

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