I’ve been doing Parighasana (gate-latch) as I move in my sequence from standing to seated asanas.  It’s another one of those huge side stretches like Parsvakonasa (extended side angle), which are so energizing in the morning.  Because I have limited mobility in my hands, it feels great to do that big huge exaggerated stretch.

This asana is good for those hard-as-bone adductor muscles in the inner thigh.

It’s considered a standing pose, even though you are on your knees.

2 thoughts on “Parighasana”

  1. Boy, do I need this one. I did a bunch of adductor/abductor exercises Saturday, and am still feeling those bones.

  2. Another thing: a couple of weeks ago you showed me how to point my elbows at my waist and my hands out to my side, to get how to draw shoulders down and back. I realized the other day that I can do that when I’m sitting with my legs in front of me, leaning toward me feet, to keep my back from rounding. It means I move about two inches toward my feet, but my back stays straight, and the stretch stays mostly in my hamstrings, where it ought to be. Thanks!

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