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Amnesia all over again

Gosh, what does it take to get me on the mat?  Why do I keep forgetting how great it is?

I’ve been feeling unwell, with very stiff and sore joints.  This means that many poses are not available to me right now.  (I’m attempting to avoid saying “I can’t.”)  So I start the silly line of thinking that there’s nothing much I can do except for maybe Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined cobbler’s pose).

Yesterday I got up and put on yoga clothes, thinking I’d practice first thing.  Instead, I ate breakfast, which effectively postponed my practice for a couple of hours.  By then I was embroiled in other (NOT so important) projects, so I put it off.  Finally around 3:00 I went down to do an abbreviated practice.  I mean, how long can a couple of restorative poses take?

As it turned out, I did a lot.  The more I practiced, the more things I thought of that I can do.  Poses involving various permutations of my limbs are not so good – the inflammation makes everything feel unstable.  So I hung upside down, did Parsvottanasana (wobbly, but OK), chair and standing twists (ahhhh), supported shoulderstand, rope dog, supta baddha konasana, a couple of seated forward bends (more mental than actual, but still OK), Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana (two-footed inverted staff, one of my faves) over a chair, Viparita Karani (legs up the wall), and Savasana.

Oh, please, self, remember this!

1 thought on “Amnesia all over again”

  1. What an excellent practice! I was wondering what your body would allow the way it’s feeling right now, and see that there’s plenty. It sounds as if some practice helps loosen things up (not least of which, your mind), so that more practice becomes possible.

    Besides, yoga is union, in the immortal words of my erstwhile yoga instructor from Venezuela, who also told us at almost every class to “Release your annal sphincter” — an unfortunate pairing of dicta, since I can’t think of the first without also thinking of the second.

    I do like your masthead image….

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