Things I’m doing even when I’m doing nothing

I think I’ve already written this post, but I’m writing it again as a reminder to myself.

  • Downward-facing dog:  You can do it almost anywhere, as long as you can kick off your shoes and socks and the floor is wood or tile or concrete.  I did it in my closet a couple of times yesterday.  The laundry room floor is good too.
  • Counter dog:  Same as wall dog, with palms pressed to the edge of the counter, extending back into your hips.
  • Baddha gulyasana at the desk, or standing around in the kitchen.  What is the English for that?
  • Seated twists in the car.
  • Balancing on one foot and then the other, while waiting in line at the grocery store.
  • TADASANA!  Recently I’ve found myself slumping while standing in line or talking to somebody standing up.  I notice, press down through my feet, extend up through the inner line of my legs, tip my hip bones back, roll my shoulders back and down, float my head over my shoulders.  What I do with my arms depends on whether I’m carrying something and where I am.

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