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What I’ve been doing

I’m still practicing every day. And every day when I practice, I think of millions of things to write here. So I’m going to make a little list.

  1. We grouted the expansion joints in the basement concrete floor, and it’s much nicer to practice on.
  2. On Thursday I had to scrub the grout junk off the floor after the tile guy left, and now I have my old shoulder impingement flaring up. I got out Back Care Basics by Mary Pullig Schatz, who is both an MD and an Iyengar yoga teacher, and so my practice has shifted to the neck and shoulder routines she recommends.
  3. Whine: I’m frustrated at my foot not getting better faster, because I miss my class and I want to do standing poses and I want to practice balancing poses a whole lot because my balance is awful right now and now I have to back up even farther to mollycoddle my shoulder.
  4. BUT I am very happy to be practicing every day, and very happy that I know what to do to take care of my injuries, and very happy that I have a nice yoga library, and very happy that I have a good space to practice in.
  5. Unrelated: I am still doing Upavistha Konasana (wide-angle pose) up the wall every day for at least 5 minutes. I got inspired by something Timothy McCall said in Yoga as Medicine about how stiff he was when he started, and how he can now put his palms on the floor in standing forward bends. Granted, he was 40. But the last time I did consistent home practice over a long period of time I too got much more flexible. I came close to putting my palms on the floor. This is just a reminder to myself. I guess it’s not unrelated to the whine in #3, is it?

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