Pranayama patience

Mary O. gave me suggestions for my pranayama practice that I have started implementing.  I usually do five minutes of Savasana, two five minute segments of reclining pranayama (ujjayi or viloma or both) and then five more minutes of Savasana.

Mary suggested that I start practicing seated pranayama. That’s what I’m doing for the second five minutes, sitting on blankets high enough so that my knees are not higher than my hips, with another blanket between my knees and ankles for support, and with my sacrum against the wall.  At this point I’m just observing my breath, not doing a specific type of practice, and I’ll do that for a while.

Everything I learn about pranayama includes lessons in patience.  No rush.  There’s no test at the end, because there’s no end.

I really find it a peaceful and rewarding practice.

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