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Great workshop with Mary Obendorfer

OK, next year when Mary O. comes to the Yoga Center (April 8-10, 2011), I am going to lobby more heavily for everyone I know to come.  She was here last weekend, and it was an outstanding workshop.

I signed up for the whole thing, including the teacher training.  Mary was very encouraging to me about teaching.  I don’t doubt that I can be a good teacher, and I don’t doubt my ability to keep building on my knowledge of yoga, but I am so stiff that I have worried about being able to demonstrate poses.  Mary gave me ideas for managing this – demonstrating what I CAN do, using another student as a model, etc.

In the class segments of the workshop (as opposed to the teacher training), Mary very skillfully breaks down poses into components and teaches each piece by itself, gradually building to the whole pose.  It’s a technique that will also be useful in my home practice. I’m continuing to try the hard stuff that I think I can’t do, and maybe someday . . .

One other great thing about Mary’s teaching style is that she uses humor to defuse students’ anxiety.  There’s lots of laughing.  I love that.

So if you live here and you’re reading this blog, you can put next year’s workshop in your calendar now, right?

(Incorrect dates edited 3/10/2010)

2 thoughts on “Great workshop with Mary Obendorfer”

  1. Oh for crying out loud! I’m editing the post to correct it. I thought, gee, better check those dates, and then I didn’t do it. Thanks.

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