general blather


We’re traveling at the moment.  The last three days were spent in the car, hurtling across the midwest towards Rhode Island.  It’s hard to maintain a daily practice when you’re staying in motels, getting in at 10 pm or so, and leaving first thing in the morning.  In addition to the time problem, there’s the revoltingness of motel carpets to contend with.

I’ve been able to manage it more or less, with some standing poses at night to get the car buzz out, a couple of sun salutations in the morning, and car dogs (hands against bumper, stretching hips back, tucking shoulder blades down and in), gomukhasana (cow face), and uttanasana (standing forward bend) in rest areas.

This morning I was finally able to do a reasonably complete practice in the family room at our friends’ house. My husband did it with me, or most of it.  Aaah.

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