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Yoga and visitors

We had company this week.  This is when I wish I had a dedicated yoga room.  My yoga space is part of the family room and part of the hallway leading to the guest room, our son’s room (but he’s away at college), and the table tennis cum furnace room.  

Most of the time I am alone in the space and all is well.  When we have guests sleeping in the guest room, I am not very happy practicing in my space.  I don’t want to wake anyone up, for one thing, particularly if I’m practicing at 6 am, and I also don’t want anyone watching me, or talking to me, or just walking through.

OK.  Having written this, I see that I simply need to be more flexible.  I didn’t practice while my brother-in-law was here.  I could easily have done so in my office with the doors closed.  All my props are downstairs, but I can put together a perfectly good practice without props.  The bamboo floor is good underfoot too.

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