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The dog and the cat

Today I had help with my morning yoga practice.  I sat down to begin, and the cat came up desperately needing to be nuzzled.   I patted and stroked and nudged him.  Then he needed to be fed.  I went upstairs, fed him, let him out, and started the coffee.  Then I came back down to the mat.  This time the dog followed me.  I knelt in Virasana (hero).  He sat down and leaned against me.  I put my arm around him.  Then I chanted the invocation to Patanjali.  The dog was melting into my side.  When I was done, adding “Om shanti shanti shanti om,” he went upstairs.  It was a pretty nice start to my practice.

(My brother’s first dog was named Shanti, and I always think of her when I chant for peace.)


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