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Practicing with friends

Priscilla and Dana just left after practicing with me for about an hour and half.  It’s so interesting to practice with friends – qualitatively different from solitary practice and from class.  When I practice alone, I usually work out more or less what sequence I want to do, and edit it as I go along. In class the teacher directs the sequence completely with little to no input from students, which is excellent for going beyond the familiar.  We also don’t talk much in class.  Practicing with friends means there’s much more chat and much more fluidity. 

Today we had a loose idea of what we were going to do, but we added some extra things that I hadn’t thought of.  Kim had showed us a couple of Alexander technique stretches earlier in the week, and Priscilla suggested those, and then in a discussion of stretching our feet I remembered that very painful but good thing of interweaving fingers and toes and then stretching the foot back and forth, so we did that.

We talked about a variety of things, some yoga, some not, and we checked in with each other on how we were doing the poses.  That was quite helpful.

Peaceful, friendly, calm.  I loved it.  It’s nice to have all three ways to practice.

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