general blather, mulling things over

What is yoga for?

  • Knowing your body
  • Stretching your body farther.  In class the other day we observed that in normal life you never step 4 1/2 feet apart.  Once in a while you have to reach up high, but not often.
  • Knowing your breath.
  • Connecting your breath with the world’s breath.
  • Going inward.

I’m strangely reluctant to talk about the spiritual aspects of yoga.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s because I fear it will sound like a bunch of woo-woo, or maybe it’s because it might scare people away from yoga.  I’m going to have to mull this over.  

In other news, I was planning on spending an hour or so downstairs on the mat before supper, but there’s a person in a black t-shirt down there listening to metal (loud) and lifting weights.  Time to close the doors to my office and do a bit in here.

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