mulling things over

What’s a practice?

This question came up in class today.  Did you do your home practice if you did a couple of Adho Mukha Svanasanas (downward facing dog) while waiting for the coffee to brew?  How about doing Vrksasana (tree) while brushing your teeth?

Maybe.  One idea is that you have to get on the mat.  That’s a pretty good indicator that you’re intentionally doing something, instead of in passing.  Of course then we joked around about leaving a mat on the kitchen floor.  Hmm.  Crumbs.  Dog hair.

I still think you have to start with some intention.  For me, that’s sometimes just making a short list of what I’m planning to do, but more often sitting in Namaskarasana (prayer position).  And then I’ve had it drilled into me that you must finish with Savasana (corpse).  So a REALLY short practice would be just those two poses.

I have found that when I’m doing a lot of intentional practice, then I also do more of that flossing yoga too.

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