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Practicing with my sisters

My sisters Deb and Priscilla and our sis-in-law Kate and I all practiced together yesterday in my snug little space. It was the same sequence I’m going to keep doing until the sciatica is gone, but there’s something in it for everyone. Kate has high blood pressure, so she knows how to modify poses for herself. Priscilla and Deb are almost as stiff as I am.

Although I picked the sequence, it was a lovely collaborative practice, good for all of us.

The only tricky bit was that my husband and son, both of whom have loud voices, were having a long conversation about bicycles in the room above our heads, mostly during our Supta Baddha Konasana (reclining bound angle) and Savasana (corpse).

My teacher Margaret once said, while the parking garage was being constructed next door to the Yoga Center, “Just pretend you’re in India.” It’s trickier when the noise is your own personal relatives.

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