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Bouncing up and down, standing on one leg

This isn’t yoga, but it’s a nice thing.  Get out that big blue ball you got, with every intention of doing daily exercises on it.  Sit on it with your feet on the floor, and bounce up and down 200 times.  Jill told me about it a couple of years ago, long enough ago that I can’t quite remember the details.  Gets the lymph moving through your system?  It feels great and wakes you right up in the morning.

And another thing I keep forgetting about, but am trying to do often is to stand around on one leg.  My balance is screwy, and I think my ankles are weak, and this is a great way to improve both balance and strength.  Last week I was doing a lot of boring computer work, mostly reading rather than typing.  Part of the time I stood up to work and took turns balancing on one foot or the other.  Very nice, and lessened the boredom.

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