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Weighted and upside down

Creaky though I am, I went to two classes this week. Yay! No matter what, I never work as hard at home. And it is so nice to have a teacher see what you’re doing.

Last night in Lisa’s restorative class, we did two things I can and will do at home.

  1. In the seated forward bends, we put sandbags at our hips. I struggle to stay upright in these poses, and the sandbags grounded me nicely.
  2. We hung off the wall upside down over the ropes. Neither Lisa nor I were exactly sure what this pose is called. Adho Mukha Dandasana? You’re basically in Dandasana (staff pose), only you’re hanging with your hips over a rope. Your legs are at a right angle to the wall with your feet flat against it. And your head is hanging straight down, and your hands are on the floor (or crossed and hanging). Have I described that accurately? I’m not sure. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get someone to take a picture of me in it.

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