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Practice delusions

I was looking at my list of post titles, and misread “Practice decisions” as “Practice delusions.” That’s a pretty good idea for a post too.

For example, I think I’m practicing every day, but some weeks I miss a couple of days. Or maybe I think my hips are open and my head is in line with my body in Trikonasana, and then I do it against the wall and discover otherwise. I’m sure I have plenty more.

Is it a practice delusion when I talk to myself about how stiff I am and how poor my practice is? Maybe.

1 thought on “Practice delusions”

  1. No, it’s not a practice delusion to tell yourself how stiff you are; it’s an acknowledgement of today’s starting point, and a way for you to measure how you gain flexibiity with each day’s practice.

    It may well be a practice delusion to tell yourself how poor your practice is. You practice. Period. You do it, so you have a practice. Poor, great — do those words really apply here? You practice! That’s the big thing!

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