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Back to the blog, pranayama

Wow, I’d better get busy on this blog, because we’re doing YoMo in January again, and the introductory emails link here.  It would be embarrassing to have written nothing new.

I’ve been doing yoga, but just not writing about it.  My asana practice has not been as strong as I’d like, however, because I’m taking a pranayama class, which is making me practice pranayama every day.  According to Mr. Iyengar, you have to wait half an hour or so after asana practice to do pranayama, or a couple of hours after pranayama to do asana.  It’s hard to cram both in.

I am loving the pranayama practice, though. My husband accuses me of getting up in the morning and going downstairs and falling back to sleep on the mat.  Amazingly, it’s not true.  I don’t fall asleep.  It’s very peaceful, but not soporific.

No photos or drawings work for pranayama practice.  Maybe I’ll write more about it later.

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