New sling

Upside down version 1
Upside down version 1
Upside down version 2

I got a new yoga sling! I’ve been wanting to have one that I could leave hanging up.  Ever since we moved into this house I’ve been irked with how difficult it has been to attach my old one. The contractor didn’t ever get around to going to the Yoga Center to look at how to do the rope wall, and so the way he did the attachment really doesn’t work. So I bought a new sling that is designed to hang from the ceiling rather than from the wall, and my husband made a cherry beam to hang it from. It’s not against my rope wall, but the spot is slightly better because it’s out of the way.

Now I’ve tried three different kinds of yoga slings.

  • The Yoga Center has what Jill referred to as the Cadillac.  I can’t remember where it came from, but it’s very cushy, has numerous ways it can be hung, and includes a sort of belt that allows you to hang with your legs vertical and straight. It’s nice, but I don’t really like all the extra straps.
  • My old sling came from Tools for Yoga.  It’s pretty basic, and it has served me very well.  I am going to continue to take it with me to the Yoga Center.  I don’t do headstand, due to disappearing disks in my neck, so I hang upside down instead. The only thing I don’t like about it is that adjustment requires re-knotting the ropes, which can’t be done quickly or easily.  It’s currently adjusted to work fine and dandy on the hooks at the Yoga Center.
  • The new sling came from Yoga Props. It’s cushier than the old one, and the adjustments are easier to make.  Having it hanging from the ceiling rather than the wall allows for lots more variation in how you use it.  I’m very happy with it, and I look forward to playing with it more.

These photos are of my friend Dana. Ack!  I see now that I need to adjust the straps so that the cushioned part is even.

By the way, a yoga belt fastened tightly around the sling at your hips (or a dowel between you and the straps) holds you in enough that you can straighten your legs.  No need for additional special equipment.

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