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Savasana (corpse) is a pose that seems so simple that it could hardly be having any effect. Beginning yoga students joke about it being naptime, and yes, sometimes it is.

I always feel great after yoga practice.  I can’t remember ever coming out of a class feeling dissatisfied, even when the class has been really hard for me. The same is true for my home practice. Of course it has a great deal to do with the whole practice, the sequence, the selection of poses.

The largest reason for those feelings of peace and energy is Savasana. It’s the last and longest pose, and the one that allows our bodies and minds and nervous systems to completely unfold.

It’s in Savasana that I’ve become aware that we are all breathing one breath.  The crazy guy who shot George Tiller?  Same breath as me.  The Dalai Lama?  Same breath as me.  The children starving in Darfur?  Same breath as me. You and me? Same breath.

Don’t skip it.

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