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Early morning group practice

The Yoga Center has started a 6:00 am guided practice. It’s led by Katie, who is a new teacher. Today was the first day. It was a wonderful way to start the day. Some yoga experience is required, which means that Katie doesn’t need to demonstrate much or make corrections. She told us what we were going to do, and then did it with us, talking our way through.

I can only go to one of the two weekly practices, phooey.

Is it cheating that I have structured yoga on four of the seven days of the week? I don’t think so.
Sunday – home yoga by myself
Monday – ditto
Tuesday – guided practice at the YCL
Wednesday – class with Kim
Thursday – practice with Jill and Holly
Friday – practice at my house with Dana, Priscilla, Kate, and sometimes Beth and Phyllis
Saturday – home yoga by myself.

Pretty good support for my daily practice.

1 thought on “Early morning group practice”

  1. Cheating? Heck, no! Combining yoga with friends is just [fill in a whole bunch of glowingly appreciative adjectives here].

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