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Supta Virasana again

I know, I’ve written about this pose a lot.  This is just a short post to say how happy I am that I have persevered through difficulties with it.  In the nine years I’ve been practicing, this is the one asana that has changed the most for me.  When I started, I sometimes used as many as six bolsters in a pyramid, and even then my hips and quads were screaming, screaming, screaming.

I can do it on one bolster now, with one blanket under my head, and one folded blanket under my sitting bones.  I still only do it Eka Pada – or one-legged, to protect my back, and that might always be true. 

The best part is that I enjoy it.  I get right into it, leaning smoothly back on my elbows, tucking my tailbone, with no fuss.

To me this means I’ll be able to make the same kinds of improvements in other poses. Yay.

Supta Virasana
Supta Virasana

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