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Oh, shame on me

I haven’t posted here in a week.  I don’t have a great deal to say except that my first yoga teacher, Margaret, was back in town over the weekend and I went to a two-hour class with her on Saturday.  It was outstanding in many ways, not the least of which is that I am so comfortable with her teaching style.  She’s straightforward, detailed, matter-of-fact, and has high expectation.

I almost didn’t go because I’ve been thinking I’m not quite ready, my shoulders are still funky, I’m scared, and other excuses.  Then I did go, and realized that I’m so close to back to normal that I could go to any class.  I’d be stuck with some limitations, but those are all the same limitations I’ve dealt with all my life.  Woohoo!

1 thought on “Oh, shame on me”

  1. Tremendous. And I’d say, rather than ‘shame on you’, hooray for you! You’re back in your game!

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