Little props

Sometimes I’m too lazy or forgetful to get things out of my yoga cabinet when I’m setting up for practice.  So I am uncomfortable in some basic poses in a naggy way.  
When I do remember, I’m inordinately pleased with how much better I feel in Virasana (hero) when I roll washcloths up behind my knees, and how much more comfortable I am in Adho Mukha Svanasana (downward facing dog) with my elbows strapped.  It’s more than feeling better, though.  Those props improve my alignment and stability, and help me get a greater benefit from the pose.

(My husband is a furniture builder.  He made my yoga cabinet for sale several years ago.  It didn’t sell, and I appropriated it for yoga props.  I love it.  He’ll never get it away from me now.)

Yoga cabinet
Yoga cabinet

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