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Ten breaths

I used to time my poses with my Palm, using a nifty little add-on called PocketDoan, which is a highly configurable timer.  It has some perfect sounds on it, like chimes, bells, and wooden clackers, which are much nicer alerts than buzzers and beeps.  I still use it for Savasana.

But now in most poses I use counted breaths.  Ten breaths (that’s one inhalation and one exhalation) are usually 45-60 seconds for me.  It’s a calming way to hold the pose and keep my attention in the right place.

1 thought on “Ten breaths”

  1. I’m getting ready to start my first April YoMo-chart-practice in a few minutes and get back on the horse! I’ll use the 10 breaths to help me stay on my mat.

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