Great pose, great name, funniness

On Friday, Priscilla, Kate, Dana and I did, among other things, Trianga Mukhaikapda Paschimottanasana (three-part intense back stretch).  I love the name of that pose.  Once you get it, it has a wonderful rhythm.  Triang=three, mukha=face, eka=one, pada=foot, paschima=west (not 100% sure about that part), uttana=intense, asana=pose.

The funny part was that Kate, Priscilla and I are flexibly impaired.  We were all sitting straight up, because we can’t go forward.  Dana wasn’t familiar with the pose, so she sat up too.  After a minute I realized she didn’t know she should put her face down on her leg.  OK, you had to be there.  It was funny.

Triang Mukhaikapada Pascimottanasana
Triang Mukhaikapada Pascimottanasana

1 thought on “Great pose, great name, funniness”

  1. Sounds pretty funny!

    Here’s a question, and if you’ve described this already, disregard it:

    I want to start doing Supta Virasana, but having the same inflexibility as you, Priscilla, and Kate, I’m not sure how to get into it, or what accommodations I can make to my inflexibility. Do you sit in a kneeling pose first, and then bring your feet out to the side and then drop back? Or start from a lying-down position and bend your legs back? Do you use a block or blanket under your shoulders?

    Thanks. I love this blog.

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