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Every day relaxation

I am practicing every day.  I’m hoping to keep it up when I’m not either procrastinating on writing my NaNoWriMo novel or trying to get out of pain.

Yesterday I stalled around for ages, doing the sudoku puzzle in the paper, cleaning up the kitchen.  Finally I had to start working on the novel, so instead I went to the mat.  I guess that was good.  My practice was about 90 minutes long, and then I got in 3000 or so words after that.

Today I got up early because my hip hurt.  I went right downstairs with only a small detour to clean up a mess where the cat knocked over a water glass and sprayed wet shards all over my yoga floor.  A good lesson:  Don’t leave any water glasses out overnight.

In spite of the detour, I had a good practice.  I’m working on extending my Savasana (corpse) and getting better at total relaxation.  That’s what Judith Lasater is after.  That’s what Sam Dworkis is after.  That’s what the people who make the Sacro-Wedgy are after.  That’s what the Miracle Ball Method is after.  Isn’t it silly that I just had this aha! moment this morning? 

Viparita Karani
Viparita Karani

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