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A little adjustment in timing makes all the difference

I have been struggling for quite a while with establishing a routine for daily practice.  If I wait too long into the day, I tend not to practice.  Other things get in the way.

I walk in the mornings with a friend for an hour.  For a long time, we’ve been starting at 6 am.  Recently we slid it back to 5:45, and now I’m getting my my daily practice.

If I get back to the house at 7:00, my husband is up and reading the paper, and the coffee is on.  It’s hard to walk past that cozy scene and down to my yoga spot.  If I get back at 6:45, the house is dark and quiet, and I go right to the mat.  Later I can hear breakfast noises, but at that point I’m in the middle of my practice, so I’m not tempted to quit.

I’m very pleased with this new arrangement.

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