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Yay, back to class

Today I went to class for the first time in about three weeks.  There was a break between sessions and then I was at the beach.  My home practice was good, so I didn’t miss yoga, but I sure missed class.

I have a couple of friends who use videos instead of going to class.  One of these people has NEVER been to a class.  I believe my practice is always enriched by the classes I attend.  I get to be around other yoga students, I get feedback from my teachers, and I get new ideas for my home practice.

It used to be that my home practice was sort of an adjunct to my classes, and that class was primary.  Now that I’ve been doing it for a while, I find that class supports my home practice, and home practice is primary.

One other good thing:  For the last few months my health has made it very hard for me to keep up with the class, even in the Ageless class, where most of us have some sort of health challenge.  Because I was away for a few weeks, I could really see my improvement today.  Thank goodness I’m getting better!

(Have you noticed how we don’t use the word ‘problems’ any more?  I think it’s a result of corporatespeak.  ‘problems’ became the euphemistic ‘issues’, which has now morphed into ‘challenges’.  Now the word ‘problems’ seems very severe and harsh.)

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