nuts and bolts

Why people quit doing yoga

  1. They get hurt.
  2. They get bored.
  3. They get busy.
  4. They forget that they’re not going to get any more flexible, mentally or physically, just sitting around.
  5. They think they’ll do it on their own, without classes, but they don’t.

1. I’m finding that if I get hurt doing yoga, it’s because I am not listening to my body saying “Whoa, whoa, whoa! That arm doesn’t go that way!” But the fix for that is NOT to quit doing yoga but to find ways to practice that work better for your own body. It’s weird – there is no reason I should try to keep up with anyone else, because with my level of stiffness I’ll never be competitive. So I should be listening to my body.

2. I don’t get bored. I know a couple of people who do. My own personal husband finds yoga too slow and insufficiently competitive. Now, hmm, he’s got some back trouble, and if he doesn’t do something about it he’s going to be exceptionally bored by immobility.

3. I definitely get too busy. I’m going to post separately about an interesting fix for this. I wonder why I get too busy to do yoga, but not too busy to play a computer game or watch some junk on TV.

4. The analogy for this one is people who want to be writers but are afraid they’re too old. Those years are going to go by anyway, so you might as well do something good with them now.

5. It’s awfully hard to maintain a solitary practice. I suppose some people can do it, but I’ve never met one. Going to class is a big motivator for my home practice.

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