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Practicing every day means I am heavily yoga-focused. Writing about it makes me more so. I want to tell everyone about it, discuss what I did in my practice that morning, talk about the book I’m reading (Yoga as Medicine, by Timothy McCall) and what it’s doing for me, find out what other people are doing, and generally be a yoga-bore.

I don’t mind, though. I’m hoping someone besides my sisters is reading this and will comment at some point so it’s not just me.

(That doesn’t mean I don’t want my sisters to comment!)

3 thoughts on “Yoga-focus”

  1. The fact that you are yoga-focused is what makes this blog so interesting — you’re showing us the wrinkles and folds of the inside of your brain, and that makes for quite a compelling read! Plus, I feel as if I learn something about how yoga affects you, and that’s a good thing in itself.

  2. How about sisters-in-law?
    After a spot of back-bother I’ve returned to the yoga world, in spite of my hesitations about hurting my shoulder again. What I notice about coming back to yoga after almost 5 years of being downward dog-free is how much my body remembers, especially about breathing. I start a sun salutation, and reflexively my breathing slows and regularizes.
    I go to a weekly lunchtime class here on campus that is not that great but is cheap and close to my office. Like you, I’m finding that the core of it is what I get done on the living room rug the rest of the time.

  3. Yes, of course sisters-in-law! I am so glad you’re doing yoga again. Isn’t that body memory wonderful?

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