nuts and bolts

Trouble with travel

I do know how to do yoga while I travel – how to find space, how to use props, how to modify the timing.  But finding the time and sticking to it is much harder than at home.   There are too many other things happening.

Yesterday,  at my mother’s house, all I had time for was Virasana and Savasana.  Today, at my sister’s house, I did Supta Virasana, Urdvha Prasarita Padasana, thread the needle (don’t know the Sanskrit for that one), Virasana, and about a minute of Savasana.

I’m having an excellent trip, but I wish I’d be more disciplined.  However, YoMo is a powerful motivator.  If not for my promise to practice daily, I wouldn’t have done ANY yoga yesterday and today.

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