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Individual differences

I’ve had various shoulder troubles on both sides, and at the moment both sides are feeling reasonably good. But boy, look at how different my Gomukhasana (cow face) arms are! That right shoulder is just plain stuck. On the other hand (so to speak), it’s thrilling to me that I can connect my fingers on the other side.

Crunky right shoulder
Crunky right shoulder
More flexible left shoulder
More flexible left shoulder

2 thoughts on “Individual differences”

  1. I’m interested that you say that your right shoulder is “just plain stuck”. I have had similar problem with my left shoulder for some time now. I have been diagnosed as having frozen shoulder and after some unsuccesful physiotherapy, I took up yoga again after a break of a few years. I am happy to say that, with some expert tuition and care from my yoga teacher I am making progress. My teacher tells me constantly “slow but steady – don’t force your arm where it doesn’t want to go”. She has given me several remedial exercises that have definitely helped.

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