general blather, self-talk

Not paying attention

This morning I got dressed in yoga clothes as a reminder that I wanted to practice early in the day. Ha!  I sat at the computer all day working on YoMo stuff (more about that later). Around 4:30, I finally got off my duff and went downstairs to practice. 

I was not paying attention.  I started the invocation wrong, skipping the Oms. I almost fell over in a couple of standing poses, due to thinking about other things. I set up to work against the wall and wound up standing with my heel facing the room.  I forgot to bring all the props I needed for Supta Pandangusthasana, remembering them when I was already lying down. I don’t know where my brain was, but it wasn’t in my yoga spot. Even Savasana (corpse) was not relaxing.  I kept thinking about the web pages I’d been working on.

Tomorrow I’ll start off the day better, whaddya think? Today I was just a nu-nu brain.

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