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Early morning motivational discussion

Me and my better self:

The alarm goes off.

“Get up.”

“Ooh, the bed is so warm.”

“Get up.”

“Lemme just sleep another 10 minutes.”

“The mat is calling. What are you going to do?”

“I think I may be coming down with something. I’d better stay in bed.”

“You’re perfectly healthy. You said you’d do yoga every day. It’s a new day.”

“I’ll do it later. Maybe when I get home from work.”

“You will not. You’ll claim to be too tired. Get UP!”

“I don’t have to do it EVERY day.”

“You love yoga. Think about how good your day will be if you start it off with yoga practice. And how annoyed you’ll be if you don’t do it.”

“Sheesh! Ok, ok, ok, I’m getting up.”

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